Spring Pictures


The awesome thing about cell phones, is that even though I’ve been lazy about getting my camera out lately, it turns out I actually do have some pictures of what we’ve been doing. Above is Emily and Molly getting ready for the rain in matching shoes and shirts courtesy of my mom.

Here are the big kids discovering the local kids museum is still cool to play in.


Tucker rooting for UVA and learning about disappointment after several awesome seasons.

Emily learning about the possibility of markers on non-paper surfaces.


Patches being incredibly modest. Get comfortable, man.


Tucker and his best helper making a mountain of waffles


Tucker and his best helper eating dinner. We had to switch around the seating arrangement at the table so Emily could sit next to him, otherwise she tried to only eat in his lap.IMG_20170425_180044814_HDR

Molly with all this year’s confirmands at church. Biggest group in a long time!


Emily has lots of ideas about dressing. Strong ideas, usually. This leads to wearing clothes like this exposed shoulder style, and the fancy church dress on a Tuesday for a trip strawberry picking. Recently we went to the thrift store to drop off some things, so we just had to go in, of course. Emily started trying to put on a shirt from the women’s section that she loved. I directed her to the girls clothes instead, thinking that I would be able to distract her from whatever she fell in love with. Nope. When I tried to take the dress and skirt away, and direct her elsewhere, she started trying to remove her clothing and try on the dress in the middle of the aisle. We moved to the changing room where she threw an absolute fit at the thought of taking the clothes off. I could not physically get the darn dress off her without potentially attracting child protective services with her blood-curdling howls! And to make matters worse, while in the changing room, someone knocked on the door to give her a hobby horse that they had just bought because they thought she was so cute. So monster toddler leaves the thrift store wearing dress and skirt with hobby horse. Toddler: 1, Mama: 0. Just look at that sweet face….


And here’s Molly and Tucker for their spring pep rally at school, and a picture Molly took of Emily which I really liked.


Tucker watching Sesame Street with Emily…..


And Molly in the new tree house. Because obviously we don’t have enough forts in our life at Midway Farm.IMG_20170507_145232545_HDR

Spring Chez Jamison


I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures lately, but the ones above are Molly at her Colonial Day tea at school and Tucker as Zeus at his Greek Gods and Goddesses Day at school, and Emily as a Goth Princess on the day she discovered she could reach my makeup on the counter.

The Spring has kicked into high gear with Tucker’s baseball (his team has activities 5 days this week). He recently decided that he likes basketball a little bit better than baseball, but is generally enjoying the team. The other kids on the team seem mostly to have already decided to specialize in baseball, and there’s a degree of competitiveness and edge that seems a bit excessive to me. For example, one mom told me that when her son struck out twice last game, his dad had him stay for an hour after the game practicing hitting… and considering this was a school night with the game ending at almost 8… wow, that’s kind of a lot. But Tucker just pitched an inning for the first time last night, and struck someone out, and didn’t walk (or hit) anyone, so that was a great start. And he’s gotten some turns at first base too, which is great. Hitting is harder since this is the first year it’s kid pitch, but he’s connected a few times. That is not my favorite part of watching his baseball games.

In other news, Emily has decided she doesn’t need to go to bed at night. She has us in a bind, because she loves her naps, but then can’t fall asleep. I suspect she is a night person because she hits her stride about 7 pm and isn’t thinking bedtime for hours yet. We can’t skip her nap because then she is cranky and falls asleep in the car when we go to pick up the big kids anyway, so on days that we try to make napless she just ends up napping late, which exacerbates the late bedtime problem.

So basically, Emily continues to keep us on our toes. I probably should mention that I gave up on potty training her a month or more ago. She had been doing it successfully for almost two months but she is so stubborn it was becoming a war of wills. So every time I put her in time out or in the nursery at church or the YMCA or in her carseat (or anyplace she didn’t want to be), she had started crying and saying “Poopy!” until I took her out to let her try. Which meant that life was awful because she was absolutely in control. But how do you not let a kid go poop when she says she needs to? Anyway, life is much more pleasant now that Emily is wearing a diaper. And presumably she will decide to potty train herself sometime when she wants to. Because forcing anything on her is very, very difficult.

Emily’s love for Tucker has gone to new heights recently. She has him put her to bed sometimes and will only get up if he gets her sometimes too. This drives Molly crazy, and she whines why Emily doesn’t prefer her, and vows to stop yanking toys out of Emily’s hands and start playing with her… and then 15 minutes later, Emily gets something of Molly’s and the cycle begins again. Tucker, on the other hand, will play baby dolls, and tote Emily around, and let her traipse all over his room. Heck, he even let her have his favorite stuffed animal on loan for as long as she wants it (she now sleeps with it every night).

Molly has been doing some dance she really enjoys, but mostly wants to play with her friends and her stuff. She said she wanted to do the violin this past semester – but then when she heard about practicing realized that wouldn’t work at all since it would cut into her beloved free time. She discovered she loves reading about history and has become quite the reader with the American Girl doll books, and biographies of famous people, and Little House on the prairie and that sort of thing. She is indignant that Emily goes to bed after her and that there is so little time to read on school nights, but a) Emily naps and b) Molly is slow as anything at getting essential tasks completed (eg dishes, homework, changing…)!

We finally moved Emily to napping in our room during rest time so that Molly can be in their shared room when she’s home on the weekends and this summer. Molly is someone who needs space to putter by herself. I used to think Molly was very stubborn, but compared to Emily I realize that the situation is a little different. Molly likes things just so (which will serve her very well someday… just not always today), and has a very intense emotional life… but the sheer stubborness award goes to Emily. Smile Molly delights in one-on-one time, and her un-selfconcious narration of her thoughts and her days can be so sweet. But she’s kind of like the girl with the curl right in the middle of her forehead… life is either awesome or awful, and there’s not much inbetween.

Molly’s Confirmation


I may be a little biased, but can you get more beautiful than this? Smile 

Austin was the layreader on Sunday when the Bishop was here so he got to see Molly’s face during her confirmation as she faced the Bishop. Apparently everyone else was looking very serious with their gaze downward, while Molly had the biggest smile on her face.

Emily’s Pictures

As promised, here are some pictures of our newly minted two year-old.


One of Emily’s favorite places is the top bunk of Tucker’s bed. She also thought her birthday cake was an awesome idea.


She is not an easy child to go to a restaurant with… meals usually end with one of us taking her out. But the pic below makes it look peaceful.


Emily is 2

IMG_0378Emily enthusiastically welcomed her second birthday on Thursday. I wish I had a picture of the look in her eyes when I put the cake in front of her to blow out the candles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another birthday kid with such excitement and awe and joy. She has a wooden birthday cake she likes slicing and singing “Happy Birthday” with, and has also watched Elmo’s Happy Birthday so it was like all those imaginary things were coming real to her in that moment.

Emily at two is a riot. She loves to yell and dance to her own shouting. Her dancing involves a lot of hip swaying. Her running involves extra pivot points at the shoulders, with a lot of wiggle. And she does the awesome toddler jumping where her feet don’t leave the ground.

I looked over my posts from when the big kids each turned 2, to remind me of what they were like and how she is different.

Tucker was enthusiastic, outdoorsy, sensitive, reserved, cautious, and a collector.

Molly was focused, determined, advanced, fierce, clingy, and opinionated.

Emily is so different than both of them. She is outgoing, friendly, loud, joyful, energetic, and very entertaining.

Today she helped Austin work out with a backwards Elmo hat, no pants or underwear (potty training), and a huge super soaker that she figured out how to work and kept squirting him with.

She loves tickles, and being flipped around in the air. At church, she will bolt up the aisle if given the opportunity – neither big kid had the spunk to go more than a few feet past our row.

Emily is obsessed with dessert. Her world revolves around treats.

She loves dolls, and asks for each doll specifically — “Sissy” and “Baby.” She loves purses and putting random things into bags – that was one of Tucker’s hobbies too. And she adores animals still. I took her to Petco to kill a little time the other day and she ran around squealing. The ferrets were her favorite.

She likes books but is not always (often?) in the mood to sit still for them, and has never shown a drop of interest in puzzles (as opposed to Molly our puzzler).

She loves to order Tucker around and has a special bond with him. Tonight I was reading Harry Potter out loud to the big kids, and she pulled up her rocking chair so she could sit beside him on his bean bag chair. Earlier in the evening, she took his hand and made him do laps around the downstairs with her. She expects he will be a captive audience and is not often disappointed.

Some of the similarities I see between her and Molly is the girly desire to look beautiful. Emily loves to brush her hair and put on new outfits (she has to pick), and for awhile was only wearing her church dresses all the time. She also has a stubborn streak a la Molly. For example, she has never been willing to turn around and go down stairs on her bum or backwards. From day 1 she has insisted on walking down. Lately, she has decided that she doesn’t like wearing sleepers, and we can not physically get and keep one on her with the fight she puts up.

I need to get out my camera and will do a pictures post in the near future.

Happy Birthday Emily, I love you!

Update: At her 2 year doctor visit, Emily was 95th percentile in height, and 80th in weight!