Quote of the Day


“When I grow up, I’m going to be a kindergartener.” –Emily


Quote of the Day

I was cleaning out the car because it seems like a mouse has made a nest in the air conditioning, and Emily was wondering why I was doing what I was doing.

Me: You like mice?

Emily: No, I don’t like mice, but I like mouses!


Molly: What’s that smell? Skunk?

Emily: Pepperoni!

(Note, it was the dogs so chances are it wasn’t pepperoni….)

Happy Memorial Day


We had a great Memorial Day weekend in Beech Mountain, NC with Austin’s family. Each year it keeps getting better and better with the kids more self-sufficiently playing with each other. This year was especially great because there was a good outdoor space around the house we rented so the kids could independently explore a little creek, gather treasures, and other important things like that.

Some highlights included walking to a waterfall in the pouring rain, walking to a different waterfall on a gorgeous day, playing tennis with Tucker, enjoying a fun rope playground, painting tea sets, a cousin outdoor treasure sale, and much more.


Quote of the Day

I’m sitting with my mom on the porch and Emily comes up to me.

Emily: Can I be outside?

Me: Sure, aren’t we already outside?

[I noted to my mom that I felt like there was something to this question I wasn’t quite understanding….]

Emily goes away and comes back a few minutes later.

Emily: I can’t pee.

Me: Well, you haven’t even gone inside to the potty yet.

Emily: You said I could be [ie pee] outside!