Quote of the Day

Emily has a very funny way of saying “I peed.” The way she says it is “I pee-did!” Anyway, last night at our church dinner she ran out of the nursery while all was quiet and someone was making an announcement and yelled “I PEE-DID!”


Emily is 3


Emily turned 3 at the end of February, and loved every minute of it. She spent at least a month talking and thinking about the big day, and I think it lived up to her expectations with special hats that Molly and Henny made, 3 cakes by Henny, cupcakes at school, going to the children’s museum with a friend, and presents. Now she’s asking when it’s going to be Halloween. Hmmm.

The third picture is her on the way home from the party at Henny’s house. It’s a lot of work being the birthday girl.


These days Emily loves dancing and watching herself dance in the mirror. We gave her a mirror in her room and she loves to watch herself twirl. She wears ballet outfits many (most?) days and gets lots of smiles wherever she goes. Her love of being beautiful hasn’t translated to liking to brush her hair though!

She has recently become more independent around the house and has started playing more by herself. Her favorite activities are crafts (generally involving glue, stamps, and scissors) and coloring. All at once over the last couple months or so she started coloring in the lines and drawing people. She also loves playing with her stuffed animal dogs. She still smothers Patches with love at every opportunity and has a sense of ownership over her big brother’s time. She has a loose understanding of the fact that games have rules and strategy. Candy Land is still an exercise in futility with her. Hide and Seek involves her yelling out as soon as I’m done counting “I here!”

Emily loves desserts, gummies, and TV. I know, all kids like these things, right? Well, Emily is a bit more obsessed than usual. She often asks at least 5 times for dessert before 10 am – and that is with me never giving her dessert in the morning EVER. She will pick candy over cookies,cake and ice cream every single time.

She has strong opinions about just about everything. Who makes her breakfast. Who helps her in the potty. What things she does herself. What things she gets help on. (Note: items flip flop between categories…) What shoes she wears. She even asks to press the “Okay” button on the remote every time it needs to be pressed. (One day all these opinions will come in handy… now, not so much!)

She is not as outgoing as she used to be and seems to need downtime. We went to Orlando over Spring Break last week, and her favorite thing was not the beach or the pool or Disney World… but free play at her grandmother’s house. She also is very adamantly afraid of very random things. For example, she desperately didn’t want to go to the ocean because she was afraid of the elephants and dolphins! Her favorite part of Magic Kingdom was watching the princesses and dancers and the food. The things she didn’t like were the rides, the noise, and the characters (yes, you’re right, that’s almost all of it….).

I thought she was giving up napping ages ago, but she actually still sleeps a fair amount in the afternoons. Even better, she is not as much of a night owl as she was last summer!

Things I want to remember:

The way her body has a little hop and wiggle every time she runs. So cute!

The way she counts when she plays hide and seek : “Six – nine – ten – here I come!”

Her dislike of elephants.

Her love of being rocked like a baby still at bedtime

When she busts out in the Doxology in the middle of a crowded restaurant

When she sings the alphabet with the choir at church (note: they’re not singing the alphabet…)

When she wears tutus and crowns, tells people that her name is Cinderella, and starts dancing in public

…and so much more! I love you, Emily! Happy 3rd birthday!



Phrases I hear A LOT right now:

“I do it myself.”


And here are some pictures… Cupcakes at school (and their gingerbread concert from December):


Opening presents and new princess accessories:


Helping me shop and sleeping on me when she had the flu:


Bringing a deer bone into the house and Patches getting jealous of it…


Spring Break in Florida

The kids declared this their vest Florida trip ever. It started with cousin time, though unfortunately I don’t have many pictures of that because the kids were so busy. There was one day that Molly and Dylan seemed to live in the pool.

Emily convinced Aunt Kat and Pooh to help her catch butterflies…


Ice cream at the Fat Donkey (yes, that’s really it’s name)…


Feeding Lorikeets at the zoo …


A day at the pier…



Big waves while we were there but fun anyway…


Splash Mountain and Space Mountain….


At the Speedway…


Emily’s favorite part of Disney: eating.


But she eventually warmed up to the characters enough to warm up to Piglet.


Goblins a the bank at Gringotts. Molly trying on school robes at Madame Malkin’s. The mirror spoke to them and told Tucker to “Tuck in your shirt, Scruffy!” And the kids waiting for the Hogwarts Express to take us to Hogsmeade.


Butterbeer, of course.



Trying to sneer like their daddy. Very attractive.


Picture with the Night Bus Driver (Stanley Shunpike).


Some Recent Pictures

Molly’s first violin concert:


The little bit of snow Virginia gave us this year:


Jester Tucker (for a Medieval Feast at school) – Tucker has the school juggling record so was selected as jester for his class’ medieval feast! He was so excited about the honor.




Molly posing as Sacagawea for Lewis and Clark Day


Valentine’s Day


Ladybugs everywhere this year!